For youth

EYP Estonia organises every year events for different age groups. For the 9. - 12. graders is the National Session of EYP Estonia, which takes place in the autumn break. It is an European Parliament simulation, where youngsters can discuss about important topics related to Europe and develop their teamworking skills as well as public speaking. To participate at a National Sessions, youngsters need to register either through their school or on a webpage of a concrete session.

For university students EYP organises University Forums, which have the same principles as National Sessions, but are fo older participants

In addition, every year we have smaller events, like the Summer Academy of EYP Estonia, “Linn Lilleliseks” and discussion evenings.

If you would like to participate in some of our events, read more from the page “Events” to find more information about the coming events. Also you can write to us about your wish to